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Finding Help for Your Journey to Wholeness…

A distressing symptom-- such as anxiety, depression, a failed relationship, and even ill health-- is a disguised “wake-up call” that can guide you towards healing and wholeness. Such symptoms can open a doorway to the necessary inward journey that becomes the basis for your deeper growth and transformation. Finding the right help for this process is important.

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And you?

When will you begin

the journey

into yourself?"

"Awake, my dear,

be kind to your

sleeping heart ..."

“Wherever you stand,

be the soul of

that place.”

"You carry all the

ingredients to turn

your life into joy...."

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@copyright Vikki Hanchin 2009

*All poetry excerpts are from the Sufi poets Rumi, c. 1209-1273; and Hafiz, c. 1309-1389

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